Friday, June 30, 2006

When it rains, we get flash floods...

That is what the week is turning out to be anyways.

Peter sheep has to be dropped off at Nowers today. Had is a term I use lightly. It was better than using a sharp knife and saying a prayer before I sliced his throat. Peter sheep tried his best to kill Kool, an Arapawa buck.

Kool has a concussion and nerve damage in his shoulder. He is in crazy pain. I had Wayne come by to have a look at him. He gave me something to inject to relieve pain and reduce swelling. Pretty mush the rest of the instruction was rescrict movement, give fresh water and good hay/grass. No contact with other goats for 2 months at least.

Peter sheep then had an appointment. Thank you Scott for leaving your trailer when you brought Fritz up to see "the Girls".

Claire and Ginger Beagle are on way to Massachusetts. Claire told me that she wasn't going to miss us because we were going to see her at the picnic (with the big whale). I wanted to cry. I grabbed her in a Bear Hug until she promised she would miss me terribly. It still feels like she is just down for a nap. I need a nap...

Nina Plank is due to the area this weekend. Troy is bringing her around. They will get along. Both want to be Rock Stars. I do too, but I don't like the way they are doing it. Nina more than Troy, but even she is boardering on not really being for the farmer. Heck the cheese and dairy part of her new Farmer's Market plan was to go through Murray's only. Yah, so I can drive 3 1/2 hours and wholesale my products! I cannot blame her. The location was why I wanted the market, but it is too close to Murray's for them to really allow a cheesemaker to compete with their market. Nice new store. I am just not going to comprimise on price right now. My batches are too small and the market too far away. Too bad.

Guess I should make this Blog more open to become a Rock Star. Cannot be so open about what I think about things in Food and Farming then. Heck, I'd have to add photos of pet sheep and talk about gourmet cooking or something other than making a real living off the farm. Sucks not having a trust fund. That and I gave my pet sheep a death sentence after he tried to kill another animal and then charged me. Cannot have Claire around him. He'd kill her, hurt me (or kill me) another buck...

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