Wednesday, June 28, 2006


The "big river" jumped its bank in two places. In the tractor pass near the barn and where it takes a bend by the low brush (the "jungle"). The lower meadow is flooded. So is the new planting of BMR. Hay is lodged on the Philip's piece. Not sure if we are going to get any of that or if it is going to rot before we can get to it.

We have been turning cows out in spite of things. The gutters are flooded and the humidity is too high to keep them in the barn. Combine it with the heat and humidity and we'd have a stinking mess and pneumonia throughout.

Thought we lost Mike's bull. Dave looked all through the pastures. I am SOOOOOO glad he didn't fall into the brook or something. Dave found him in with Bruce Barne's heifers. They are all bred and were in better shape water wise than ours.

Dave is spending all of his spare time with Nolan. Yes, Nolan. That boy is back in the scene again. Funny how much Dave adores someone that isn't related. Very untypical of the family to devote so much energy to a non-family member. I kinda have to give in despite the money he cost us the last time he worked with Dave. $10,000 for cows, lack of rent payment, lack of excessive food eating payment... Kid even stole the sap spickets and hasn't even appologized to me for getting all of those virus' and spyware on my computer after looking at porn sites.

I am so glad Dave can go out of his way to "help" everyone and spend all of the time fixing all of the neighbors problems when our own farm isn't up to snuff. Sounds like jelousy, but I think that the slap in the face is when he laughs at me and says "promises are made to be broken" and then tells me that the reason he cannot finnish getting forages off the field is that "he is a man of his word and will not go back on his promises" (in reference to helping Tom with his chopping).

When in-laws and daughter are in MA, we are going to re-evaluate our holistic goals before the lawyer does. This kind of thing is common in any relationship. I just have to keep both of our personal goals in keeping with the "both of our" goals. We need one of those Board member retreats that I use to set up. That and the rain to stop so that I don't have to walk around on egg shells.

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