Friday, June 16, 2006

Desperate Farmwives

Well, it is a take on the favorite T.V. show, but I do think that I have a better plot line. We do have a heck of a group of characters and the day to day plot is funny. There are some serious moments as well. Those are generally part of the calm before the Belly Laughing moments.

I want to take a class on screen writting. Between the daily happenings, there are also the Mountain Street Memories of Dave's youth and the Nomadic Shepherd days of my earlier attempts at farming and horsemanship.

I'm thinking something along the lines of Northern Exposure, only with a true American Rural twist.

We have Liberals, Conservatives, Born Again Catholics and Pentacostals, Sheep Farmers, a vet who sleeps in his car, Bob and Tom, a Christian logger, gypsie carpenters (Jenny & Cecil), etc. I dunno. Our life is the cross roads of conventional and organic agriculture. We are associated with people who work for millionaire "Farmers" and those almost loosing thier shirts, the wanna be wealthy suburban farmers... I do think that there is something here. A real cross section of rural American with the whole opportunity to shed light on the true nature of living in rural America today!

I'm thinking here... Heck if I cannot make money as a farmer, maybe we can all make money on the whole farming experience??

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