Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hoof Trimmer

Had a new hoof trimmer in to do the girls. He doen't paint them, just trims. Figures that the others would get jelous...

Ok, for real. This guy's name is Bob. He is a certified as an Elementary school teacher. (I got him to pronounce it correctly and not use the local dialect way of saying it which drives me nuts). I get a kick out of this hoof trimming job. Bill, our last trimmer use to work for Farm Credit and is in the process of completing an MBA! Educated farm service people.

I enjoyed working with him. Dave took me to Zina & Eddie's new restaurant around the corner from our place. Boy did they do a lot of work on the place. Clean. Good food like when they were at the Emporium. Place always seems packed. They look relaxed for a change. Good luck to them.

The only morons were Winnie and Sage. Sage was the last one. She took total offence to the idea of being tilted to have her nails done. Claire and I got poops in our hair from things flying in the air. Ayrshire's are stubborn cows. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. If they didn't make mil kperfect for cheese making, I would not have them. I liked Shorthorns, Dave liked Holsteins. Comprimise was Ayrshires. I have the poop in my hair to proove it!

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