Tuesday, June 20, 2006

the Seasons

That was the name of a restaurant I went to a couple of times in my youth. It was in Amherst. Maybe it was the Four Seasons... I don't remember.

There is grant season. I'm in that now. I wrote a grant and a quickie b.plan for this couple in the north country. It is due today. They need signatures this year, so I have to hand deliver it. FUN FUN FUN.

The year generally starts with the conference season. This is when the non-profits and government folks feel they should educate us farmers. From the farmer's perspective this is more of a time to get off the farm and socialize with others. The bonus is a workshop that offers something useful or entertaining.

Generally there are the NOFA winter conferences. This is where the organic types meet. I've gleaned great speakers at these conferences. Great food generally as well. Laid back atmosphere. You tend to walk away saying the word "basically" quite often. Odd little word. Quite contagious.

There are the Direct marketing Conferences. New York has one. There is also a northeast one. I think the New England ones or any workshops with Abbott Orchards in Baldwinsville are CRAZY useful. I only wish there was a workshop on displays at farmers markets. That is where my natural utilitarianism comes in. I respect the multi layered vendors. They seem to achieve the enthusiasm of the typical consumer.

Haying season. That starts at the end of may (chopped haylege) to snow flies. At times I've seen farmers baling hay with snow flying. Farmers get cranked at this time of year. Well my farmer anyways. It is quite a bit of work. I've been trying to milk at night to make marital bliss extend a little bit.

There is planting season. This generally starts with plowing, harrowing, planting... There are variations that can include no-till planting, deep plowing, spraying for various plant ailments and critters. We tend to let sod stay sod. This BMR experiment is an exception. Around here morons try to plant as soon as March or April and get the corn seed in early enough to rot or freeze. It is the biggest and fastest mentality in a way.

We have a lambing/kidding season in the late winter and early fall. I tend to leave the boys in lately. Not how I'd like to do things by any means, but the cows take presidence and materials and equipment and money... kinda why I sold most all the breeding ewes to Green Rabbit.

I hibernate in the winter. I guess that is a season. I want to get some of those special day light lights. Suppose to help with moods and general well being. That is my recovery season.

Holiday season tends to come at the same time as pay for winter feed season. That means that we don't generally have much in the way of holidays. Well, that is except for the gift giving that our families do. I prefer the food tradition side of things anyways. That and Claire is getting into crafts.

So onto Albany to complete grant season obligations...

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