Monday, April 28, 2008

Spring Rains

I love the green after a spring rain. The clean smell. The hope that the leaves finally come and my allergies going with them... A funny thing age. I use to hold it over my sister that I was not allergic to everything and didn't have asthma like she did... Well, it comes to you in time...

Dr. Brown died. He was a Food Science Proff at Cornell. He dealt with the cheeseheads like me. I was disappointed when he wasn't at the PPS meeting last Wednesday. I liked the conversations with him. He challenged me and we always had a conversation that made me think about where I was going with various cheese projects. I didn't always agree with him, but what is a friendship if you always agree on things? I made a brief appearance at the funeral. I missed the calling hours and didn't know him that well, so didn't feel right in staying and all. I liked him and I have this thing about funerals and people I like and respect. You will be missed Dave Brown! Darn it, you will not judge my cheeses at the NYS Fair!

I am hopeful and frustrated. The lean months are better this year, but they still bring stress. The lack of computer has made this especially difficult. It looks like it is not as easy to reclaim the computer as I thought. Library visits... This will be remedied with a new computer and eventual fix of the old.

Farm stand will be open in a couple of weeks!

Lambs are getting bigger. Moose is second in line for a calf. Grass is growing. I start cheesing again pretty soon.

I will be looking into the idea of the book on starting a dairy processing business.

Friday, April 04, 2008

April showers bring May flowers

With homeschooling, we have this opportunity to teach Claire these wonderful poems and sayings that go with life. Some of them we learned in school, others from parents or books. Claire likes to improvise when she cannot remember some of them. This is a favorite one today as there are no sun rays beaming down to earth and after lessons, she was relegated to runnign errands for us and our neighbor (with Dave). Me, I have to go to library to use computer.

Email is not working great on this computer, so I will try another one. Maybe. I may just go home and forget about trying to stay in contact with the world outside of Madison, NY.

Dave asked to have our farm de-listed with our agent. I am not sure how he worded it, but he is eternally going to try to make things "smooth" for the relationship with him and whomever he is talking to ont he phone. He can be cuttingly to the point with me, but he is a huge softy with others. Tom may try to sell his farm as well. Can we put them together for a price that will make all people happy? He is in pain and I hope he stops this whole idea. Milking cows was not suppose to be penence for sins.

In moments of stress, I accidently double paid my cheese loan payment last month! Scrambling to make up for that. Never pay bills while stressed. Never do anything financial when stressed.

Got blue cheese cultures. Want to play with this one blue recipe. The devon milk and a blue is hauntlingly good. I have cheese supplies to sell in the farm store now. Will try to get some of that together as soon as I can. Hope to officially open it on the first weekend of May. I finally got a reluctant ok from Dave. I think it will only be good. The cheese was decent this make and I have local products collected for sale. I did give up Hamilton. I need a local outlet. The Peppermill may be a good location as well. Leslie suggested I think about it. I like the idea. We will see.

Happy spring! (sheep are out, sure sign of spring for me).

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Waiting Sucks

Ok, I should not start with a bad word. I am not a patient person. I try hard to be, but I vent. I need to and will buy a bottle of wine tonight...

We are trying to sell the farm and the cheese business. It is not because I don't like what I am doing or am not making money. We have family health stuff to deal with in MA. I am tired. I can make cheese anywhere.

I have offers for the cheese business. If we stay, do I sell this? What do I do then? If it is here will it make the farm easier or harder to sell? There is over 600# of cheese in the cooler. Do I retail it local? Do I wholesale it? Do we open the farm store like planned as though we will be here always? Should I make more cheese? Should I just take the whole thing with us? Do I sell and repopulate a plant somewhere else?????

I hate unknowns like this. Especailly when I have to deal with a variable tempered husband who is less fun to live with when there are so many unknowns.

Next thing to ponder... where? Washington County NY, VT, Berkshires, NH... All have their plus and minus arguments. I just want a simple farmstead and make cheese. I want my Kerry cows and maybe a devon or two for butter and blue cheese. I want calm and order. (what was that calm and order?).

I got the plant and the Cut and wrap room cleaned. I did leave that for a day. I hate to do that, but I hurt so much. It was a nice thing to ponder everything with the steam coming from the vat and the cool breeze from the cracked open window. I have to finish the boiler room and get the next round of cheeses waxed. That will be tomorrow and Thursday. Tomorrow I will have to confirm that people are or are not coming to the cheese workshop this weekend. Did that again... you know they say they are coming... I don't market and then they don't send deposit. Busy life means loose ends.

Think happy cheese thoughts!