Monday, June 26, 2006

Used Equipment

Went to Morrisville Aux. Corps. auction this morning. I don't know what it is about the last three auctions, but they were in the rain. I bought a rain suit before going this time.

Magee did this one. Sue Evans was the secretary. Phil, John, Elmond and Bill were making pallets of restaurant equipment junk. Walk in was ok. The only reach in was a freezer. There were two under the counter coolers, but one had a bad door and rotten coils. The walk in freezer was in awsome shape, but wasn't for sale. There were some ss and aluminum pieces, but they were going last.

I decided to get out of rain, do bank deposit and eat at Zina & Eddie's new diner around the corner from the farm. I also need to get the info off to Cornell with invoices. Tim's plan also needs to be sent in. He hasn't signed off on it, but I have come to the point of loosing money on this one because of all of the changes.

Elmond said that he was suprised that we can now make Ricotta from raw milk in NY. I asked if we needed the recording thermometers and all. Apparently not! Woohoo. I can sell that stuff at Hamilton Farmer's Market BIG TIME. I guess it is because the cook time is well above pasteurize temperature. I'm wondering about some of the Hispanic and Indian cheeses too.

I got the paperwork back from Becca and Vickie for my HACCP plan. I need to sit down and work on it now. I also have to get another Maple board, set both in the cooler for the Gouda's and Alpine cheeses this week. I want another waxing set up BIG TIME. (my phrase of the week).

I'll be setting up the Workshop schedule for the summer. I need the money to fundraise for the cost share on that grant.

Lots to do, lots to do...

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