Thursday, June 22, 2006

the Bear

Brian Rivington is making cheese. I am trying hard not to stand over him while he is making the cheese. I think I intimidate him. Elmond use to do that to me and it annoyed me.

So, I thought I'd post this cute picture of Bear. I forgot who took it. I think it was Rona Sullivan. We are both sitting on the couch. She is 31/2 years ond here.

Claire is in her teen years early. Kinda snotty, "I don't wanna" phase. We are working through it with time outs and removal of certain key toys until manners return. I think that with the last toy purg, she is getting it and has decided that things are better if we work as a team, not like a monster child.

Her school is done for the year. Thank God. It is at a Methodist church here in Hamilton. Nice enough people. I am not a posure, so it is kinda hard to relate to pretty people. I also don't like the idea that kids have to do the same are project, the same workbook, sign in every day and all of these non creative things. Maybe that is needed to install the basics of life. I think it is too rigid for someone so young. At least I don't have her in the sign language courses and Chinese courses since she was 10 months old like the ones in Clinton area. They are nuts about making their children into brilliant students from the get go that I think it makes them resent learning.

What do I know, I am only a farmer... Well that is the attitude I get from the teachers. Maybe we'll homeschool. I don't know. This is too complicated to figure out. I am glad it is just one Bear and not 4 like Erin.

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