Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Knees are cracking and shoulder hurts

It took 202.3 miles round trip to get the grant off to Albany for the Dairy Processing deal up north. I took Claire.

My shoulder hurt when I woke up. Something about sleeping in one possition all night.

Knee is cracking more lately. I think that is from too much cement work. That and stairs, bad shoes because I'm broke while getting this cheese business off the ground.

Got invoicing done and all of my Order Reports/Promotional stuff up to date. (JoAnn will be proud of me, I finally did send them). I still have more work to do on the paperwork side of things.

Hoof trimmer due in tomorrow. Brett dropped off the tops (firewood eventually) today. Dave and Dipper capped off the silo. Didn't get the two loads in like they hoped. Something about junk used equipment. Cheese making tomorrow afternoon at this point. I am getting backed up here. I need to wax cheese and set up another shelf. Thursday is Rivington and bank stuff.

I still need to get the Farmer's Market tent out to wash. Get invoice and contract ready for Rivington's. See about the scale in Holyoke. Get Beagle's paperwork (she got spayed a couple of days ago and Marcia & Ken will be picking her up the 25th or so). The Beagle and the Bear.

Coyotes got something. I always worry when there is a heifer or cow due to freshen. Dave figures it is a deer with twin fawns. That or the Canadian geese in Claire's "Big River". You know, by the "jungle". Sheep and goats are near the shed. I am not worried about them. One buck maybe, but that has nothing to do with coyotes.

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