Friday, June 16, 2006

Bob and Tom show

Dave use to listen to this morning radio program called the bob and Tom show. She sprinkled classic style rock in with the usual I'm too funny for my shoes morning program jokes and the like. Definately a male program. Chicks can get into it on odd mornings. It isn't my NPR. In fact, that is why he doesn't listen to the program right now. NPR. I was trying to get some news one morning and switched the channel. We have not been able to go back to that radio station since. Something about a metal and cement block barn I guess.

Onto Dave's real life Bob & Tom show. Tom is our neighbor. A Cornell educated dairy farmer. Devout Christian. A pretty good example of God wanting to see what happens to a man's phyche if she puts a lot of road blocks in his way. Bob is, well Bob. He started out as Hay Bob. Became our silo unloader. Lost his position as milker after we found our dislike for his way of handling cows. Right now he is Wood Bob with sprinklings of Forage Bob. (thinks cord wood is his next lottery and is helping Dave get forages in to get use of our Hesston tractor ~ to get wood in).

Forages. What a cluster f*^%#. Dave is trying like heck to get it in with sprinklings of those two making things more difficult and people like Aaron (veggie guy down road), etc. making demands of time and equipment while Dave is trying to get our stuff in. Dave figures he should start drinking. I've tried to join in, but with our cash flow right now a beer a night is all we can afford. Can't become a drunk if you want to pay your bills on time (sort of).

Bob is also trying to figure out how to do little or nothing and stay under the radar of his wife (didn't get divorse because it costs money) and his girlfrield. Both of which have children by him. Neight of whom get decent support from him. In my book it is reason enough to ban him from our place, but I think that it is often the case that people are often in the sphere that have a crappier life than you ~ if only to make your life seem less hellish. Well Bob's girlfriend got the court to send a letter to Bob's current employer. This employer is paying cash and pretty firmly doesn't want to have anything to do with court ordered payments. Bob was suppose to take care of that on his own. (Mmm). Boss was thinking about putting a trailer up for Bob. When asked about what he was going to do about his "situation", Bob says "nothing". About possible jail time, Bob says "I guess I'll be going to jail". Not a good argument for puttign a trailer in or keeping the guy employed, but in Bob's little mind nothing is wrong.

I'm not even going to go into the Tom side of the equation. NICE GUY, but I'm thinking ADD or something. I think that if he can focus on the "Big picture", he'd see that God has given him all of the signs to tell him to get out of Dairy farming... His wife finished her education and has tenure, two barns burnt down, fell down silo, lost two farms (one rented), etc. It isn't so much a sign from God he is looking for, he is looking for God to tell him to follow this dream to stay in business. It is like having God validate what he does or something. I think it is a crutch. He needs to stop and figure out his own goals and how to achieve them. God will appreciate it, big time.

Wow, all this talk about God. I must be in Central New York.

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