Saturday, June 17, 2006

What's with that Camper in your driveway?

I love rural people. They are crazy nosey. We have our itenerant carpenter friends back again (from honeymoon, etc). Jenny and Cecil brought their new camper out with them. A big, wanna be Airstreamer. because Dave is trying to get crops in, I suggested that they park the puppy in the driveway in front of the house. Ok, camper parked... they go for Chinese.

About every neighbor and friend has stopped by to ask about the camper. One asked how long they planned to stay this time. (I think he knew that they were in the sheep barn all winter). I told Rivington that they were gypsies who asked to park for the night. I think he belived me. Heck, he had illegal immigrants that the state got for him, why not have legal itinerants??

A neighboring farmer to the north has driven by a half dozen times. I think that also has something to do with Dave's use of antique varieties of equipment and the numbers of guests that we have staying at any given time. I think we should have has a B&B. I may have made money on these people.

Dave is humored. I think that the sedate life with Penny in the Cape his parents built for him in Chesterfield has been crazy changed since Gale, Floss and I came on the scene. But then, the itinerant carpenters are remenants of his life in Chesterfield. I only wish he'd get Donnavan and Jim to come out too. We need some more inteligent life out here.

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