Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Waxing cheeses

It is funny how I tend to talk to some people on the phone while I am waxing cheeses. Was working on that for the better part of the morning today. Clear wax. A great way to eliminate the smell of garlic in some of these experimental "flavored" cheeses.

I am a great fan of simple, unadulterated cheese. I seem to feel this pressure to "flavor" my cheeses. Not so sure how this experiment will go. Most seem to come up garlic. Sundried tomato and garlic, garlic and garlic and herbs... Garlic and cheese go well together. I anhaving a time of it deciding how much garlic however...

We use a double aluminum pan method. Take two pans suitable for Thanksgiving turkey. Melt wax in the upper pan. Use the lower pan as a sort of protective layer. Some pans are deeper than others.

Use care in waxing. You need to get all of the cheese covered. No pin holes. Each type and color has a temp it likes to be at. Again NO PIN HOLES. This is trickier with beeswax.

I have dropped a wheel in the wax. EVERYTHING gets covered with wax. Be careful.

Never walk away from wax. It can combust. Use the lowest setting you can and use those thermometers.

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