Tuesday, May 27, 2008

News from Arapawa

News from Debbie:-
Hi Christine
This is Debbie, Mitch's wife - thought I could answer a few questions: But first, We as a family admire Mom so much - her passion for her cause (whether you agreed or not), her intelligence, her love of us / our children (whom we bought up on the Island) / our grandchildren (whom we made sure spent time on the Island with her) she was our matriarch ...still, there is a part of us that has thoughts along the lines thatif the 'cause' had not demanded so much of her, we as a family, may havebeen blessed with her in our life for another decade or more.

But - onward as we must: Currently Shannon is and has been on the sanctuary. We have one new kid and other nanny's are due to birth shortly. Betty had already made arrangements for the 'home goats' to be re-located to others who will be able to care for them on a daily basis in the same way that they are used to. The other semi-wild ones, that come and go as they please will continue to do just that, with their home range being the sanctuary - in this they are creatures of habit and I don't expect they will stray.

First priority is to get through the kidding and grow the kids on a bitbefore the transfer. Transfer will be some 3-3.5 hours by sea, then 3-4hours by road so we want them strong and healthy from the start. Trustees are Betty and Shannon - going through the process of appointing another Trustee/s - will keep you informed. The Trusts function is 'to provide a wildlife sanctuary in perpetuity'for the Arapawa goats, sheep and pigs and possibly other endangered species. It is an educational resource for school visits and will continue to be so as well as remaining accessible to the public and any scientific studiesthat will further help to establish them as a species in need of protection.

With some of the latest info Betty has received (ex Spain) and backing both at National (Gordon Copeland / Simon Reeves / Bob Kerridge - to name a few) & International level, we are aware that there is still much work to bedone. This research and support may indeed be the catalyst for the'protection and recognition' outcome we desire. Yes to continued involvement with G-UK & IAGA - DoC needs to be challenged at the govt level as this is the only level that can effect change.

Donations - will be used to promote all of the above and also in the longer term to develop strategies re: funding for fencing, maybe accommodation, maybe a retainer for a caretaker. Ideas are all wide open at the moment andat the end of the day any furtherment will require $$ or it may be that the animals will just 'be there' as they already have and are.

The Trust currently has a very limited pool of funds, some of which will need to be expended through; the translocation of the 'home goats' /immediate costs through the kidding season / drenching etc. The legal side will take some of six months before clear mandate. Mitch got posting rates from here. Probably missed something, but let me know.

Regards Debbie

Good morning Sure Christine, you can share this email. For the meantime, communicate with me, Shannon / Betty's mail box is jammed- trying to download 1200 odd messages. I speak with her daily so keep her informed of goings on. Shannon will stay on the island till end of June. Mitch & I are usually home on the island Fri-Sun. There has been great support from people who live or work in East Bay to keep an eye on things while in the area, even DoC has volunteered to check out boats near the sanctuary to stop poaching. Unfortunately the animals are eagerly sort by trophy hunters. Please extend our thanks to all for their prayers and good wishes over thesepast weeks. ThanksDebbie

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