Saturday, May 31, 2008


My Birthday started with rain. Generally that would put someone off, but we need rain. It made me dream of hay and potatoes. You know, those things that involve rain...

I also woke up with a cold. Becky rang though to say she'd be late, so that made the morning better. I rolled over and took an extra 20 minutes of sleep.

The Farmer's Market is still slow. Way slower than last year. I'm not tasting in the market. I tried a different strategy. That is not working, so I decided to do the whole dairy CSA thing. Put a piece in the Mid York about it. Our Meat CSA went over very well in MA. We make a great product. Should make things convenient and introduce people to more of our products.

I am in at Clinton Farmer's Market. That will be nice. Also will have product at Tom's in Clinton and Peter's in New Hartford. Starting at Green Hills next week and expanding product at Syracuse Real Food.

Dave, Claire and I went up to see Lawreance and his new baler. Dave was trying to help him get the knotter working. I forked hay into the pick up teeth while they worked on it. Got it to kinda work. Need to get some more rust off another part. Looks like it may work pretty good.

Got to see a handsome milking Devon bull calf. Looks like he will be a powerful ox.

Have Lawrence's mug and post cards for his CafePress site. It promotes the milking Devon breed. I like to support things like that. Also Old Goat Salsa's and Sauces. Will work on other products from local artists and farmers. Ginger's Hot Sauces and jams/jellies are a favorite as well.

House work and press realeased for tomorrow's agenda.

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