Sunday, May 18, 2008

No day is the same...

My mother-in law often says that she likes coming to our farm because "no day is ever the same...there are always so many things going on...I'm never bored..." Some days I long for that boring suburban existance watching t.v. or shopping. I get over it quick though, but I can never actually plan things.

I should have been in VT looking at two M. Devons. Water problems and lack of electricity on Friday ended those plans.

Plan B.
Yesterday, Dave went to help Lawrence move two hay elevators. He was gone until 3:30pm. Not their fault, but we were suppose to get a screen door at the hardware store and deal with the lack of water on the farm. Lawrence got hurt, so that humbled me and I could not be angry at Dave anymore.

We did have to replace the well pump. Learned about well pumps and also learned that our well is only about 70'. Problem was that it cost us another pump and we had to call Dick out again. He is starting to make weekly calls to the farm. Kinda expensive visitor. He will be here Wednesday to install aging cooling system. $$$

Calves are eating well. Twins on Thursday. They look nothing alike. We were able to move the close up heifers. It was nice to see the bags filling up. Lotsa lotsa cheese in a couple weeks!!!

Thinking about Farmers markets again. A wee conserned about having to mind husband and being allowed the time to market. Hopefully the farmstore can replace one of them and I will only have to do 2 instead of 3.

Have to run out and help with calf chores.

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