Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Peppermint Patti goes to Poplar Hedge

Dave Nackley bought the sheep. Becky, his wife, somehow got me to agree to trade one of the lambs for a goat. An Alpine. My little feral goats took offence to this trade. Sheep were tollerable enough, but a dairy goat 4 X their size! Horrors!
Patti goat was sweet, so I rang Tim who loves Alpines. Tim is getting a goat dairy together in West Winfield, NY. He will be milking and making cheese this summer. We have been helping him and he has loaned me the recording thermometer and manual read ones to make pasteurized products.
In the pictures above, Dave is one the right considering taking the money. Tim is on the left looking nervous having a photo taken of him.
Patti is in the other photo in the back of the Subaru.

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