Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's a Boy!

Moose had a boy. Figures, everyone else has heifers out of this bull.... Me, a bull. Cute. Dave nick named him "Archie".

Dave was body slammed by Moose as he carried her calf to the pen. She charged me when I checked on her out in the pasture. Moose is actually Plimoth Plantation Panzy. She was kicked out of Plimoth Plantation because she broke John Truelson's ankle. We have an understanding of sorts. She is not a beginner cow!
She is the only cow to give me heifers. The first one "Damson" is at Plimoth Plantation. The second is "Ultra Miss". As her name suggests, she was missed in an ultra sound and Moose was almost shipped. Good thing she started bagging up!

I will take a photo of her and her calf tomorrow. One more Kerry cow in the world! Woohoo... Too bad it wasn't a heifer. Yet, it is the only bull with Irish semen in the U.S..

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