Saturday, May 31, 2008

Growing Up

This is the sculpture Claire made me for my birthday. She wants to be a sculptor when she grows up. Best present to date!

This is Claire after a shower the other night. She came down stairs in a pair of jeans. It is the first time in history that my little baby girl put on "big girl" pants that did not include sweats or tight like yoga pants (toddler ware) on her own initiative and liked the "look". She then proceeded to ask if she was a teenager yet. I told her she had at least 30 years!

"Belle the Rooster" is looking on. She is the rat terrier we rescued last year from Rat Bone Rescue. Pretty dog. Getting better in her manners. She and Claire and getting pretty darn close. That was the plan. I'm glad Belle is finally agreeing with us and enjoying Claire.

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