Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What are these hoops?

A fellow in Central NY bought a storage container full of these hoops. From Queensboro plant a number of years ago. He'd like to know what they are. There is this collar that slips up and it appears that there are these pins that hold the collar in place? The lid and bottom are removable and I am not sure if they push the collar down while pressing or if the followers are missing. Really neet hoop.

Any ideas?


heamour said...

These may be Gem's according to Margaret Morris. Not easy to work with but make a decent truckle. If anyone wants to buy them, let me know and I will forward their name to the fellow that has them.

Anonymous said...

Anyway you want to sell 1 hoop
and can you tell me for what cheese it is and howmany lbs or kg

THanks a lot
an amateur cheesemaker


Anonymous said...


Just wondering as an amateur cheesemaker what kind of cheese i can make with this hoops, and are you willing to sell me just 1, I will ofcourse pay first for all
What is the size in lbs or kg ?