Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Becoming a Slave to the Fresh Stuff

A friend and cheese maker refered to fresh cheeses (goat in her case) as cocaine for the cheese maker. It is terribly addictive to turn on the steam boiler (in my case), heat it, cool it, make it, sell it, deposit the cash... The reason why I make cheese becomes second.

We make fresh mozzarella (my first cheese), quark (my second), labneh, yoghurt in 3 flavours, feta (when I get around to it) and my ultimate high dunlop curd.

I made raw milk gouda in kilo sized hoops yesterday. I had to. Dave was not back from MA yet. He had to go. He and Claire. I had to show Shayla how to make Camembert. I had to milk cows and do chores. I had to walk dogs. I had to feed chickens and mind goats... Gouda was a soul filling cheese. I needed to make it.

I am now behind and need to catch up on fresh product. Oh yah, and now this milk. I need to do yoghurt and fresh cream top milk. Sucks to make great cheese sometimes. People want it and I have to make it!!

I hope the parts and bits to the cave come in soon so that I can go into recovery and make the aged stuff again. I can see my work for a while before it is sold. Number in the bank balance don't help the soul, the product carefully turning on the shelf, waxed, washed... I can see it, feel it, smell it, watch it grow into a full potential. Not make it and pack it in the coolers and take the money...

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