Friday, July 18, 2008

Consumers and food systems

Went to a conference/workshop yesterday. It was about the food system in NY. Interesting. Did get to identify some interesting people and watch the same old same old go though their steps.

The biggest thing that came out of it for me was a comment from a Veg cooperative representative during the "supply side" break out. He was at a meeting of suits for a supermarket in New England. Apparently it costs $12,000 on average to take one refridgerated tractor trailer from CA to the northeast! That was an eye opener.

Shayla did the Clinton Farmers Market for me. I have her write down questions and comments from customers so I can address them in a timely manner. She got a doosy this time...

"I use to love cheese. Cheese used to love me. Thien I had a heart attack and Doc said no more saturated fats. It was the hardest thing I'd given up since sex..." She signed it creepy old man 7/17/08.

You get a lot of things at markets. It is humbling to understand the disconnect between consumers and farmers at times. The above one was funny, but some should be a study of consumer education about where their food comes from.

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