Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Micro dairy concept

I think I like this Frank Kipe. I honestly don't know him well, but he is into the idea that a peron with 5 cows can make a living making and selling dairy products to their local community. I talked to him a bit yesterday about his filler, then mobile dairy system and basically about all of his ideas on this micro-dairy concept.

Seems like a sustainable concept and a viable concept for a community that is interested in keeping a farmer local. Apparently it costs about $12,000 plus a little for the equipment and is PMO (means meets federal regs). 100 people at $150 can buy and ship the equipment. Another small investment and the building goes around it... See where I am going? I think that this can be a sustainable community/farmer approach to supplying a local community with a local dairy product. All legal and on the up and up.

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Ken Blanken said...

Does anyone know where I can purchase the micro dairy system by frank Kipe. Any information would be helpful.