Sunday, July 27, 2008


I went to this workshop Hosted by NOFA NY, Lightning Tree Farm and Wild Hive Farm. I get rather obsessed with biodiversity in livestock, but equally important in biodiversity in crops. We had this opportunity at the end to view the various test plots of the heritage wheats, ancient wheats and re-looked at commercial varieties from Canada. The one Elizabeth Dyck from NOFA-NY got pumped about was the Emmer. This is a Mid-East variety that has some real possibilities for organic production. It is not so input driven like the commercial varieties we have today. It is also probably one of the oldest wheat strains. Really pretty in this test field of about 1/4 acres of Emmer.

Beck from Aunt Bee's farm as also at the workshop as was Matt Grove from Bagel Grove (baker). It was good to see others in Central NY interested in this project.

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