Thursday, July 03, 2008

Rain rain go away come again when we are done with hay

I think I've come upon a new rhyme. First a drought. That makes pastures consider going dorment. Then rain. Rain when we are suppose to be getting our hay off. We only lost 5-6 passed on the Phillips lot south of the farm. Dave plans to try to cut some more off tomorrow. I hope it works.

Our neighbor to the north better not start mowing. There is always this guy in a farming/rural community that no matter what year or weather conditions, the instant they mow a certain field, or in this guys case, mow... there is sure to be rain.

Marcia not well again. Between rain and concern over her health, he is going in circles fast. I am just tired, but in a good way. Cheesing is going well. Shayla, my new help is awsome! As an employer I am starting to understand the importance of mistakes being my lack of communication. . She is a natural!

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