Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Market Updates and all

Green Hills and the Farmer's Market at Green Hills is picking up. I am seeing some of the same faces every week. We tried to stay an hour later, but only 1-2 customers were there for the last hour. I think we will petition to come home at 6pm. I also noted the happy conversations about people buying from Green Hills during the week when we are not there.

Tom's Natural Foods is also picking up. They are the only retail location where we will sell the 1/2 gal. fluid cream top milk. Reserve your jug with Bonnie or Tom. The milk is pasteurized to 145-148 degrees F. You can make any fresh cheeses, yoghurt or drink it. They also have most of our other cheeses.

Clinton Farmer's Market is a happy place. I have to admit it is one of my more favorite locations to market. It may be the Cannoli's that I can buy across from my stall, or the level of buying food locally education being better in that market area. A pleasant place to have conversations with customers.

Peter's Cornucopia is new to us and I have to do tastings to bring sales up. I am a little suprised that it did not pick up as fast, but I think I need to set aside some real time to do face time with customers. It has helped the Clinton people who frequent Tom's to learn more about what they are eating with positive results. I will talk to Peter about tastings tomorrow.

Hamilton Farmer's Market... My cheeses can be found at Aunt Bee's stall. Not this weekend as she is going to be at a Family Reunion and I desperately need to make more cheeses. I am FLYING through inventory and need to make cheese this weekend. Made a lovely batch of Dunlop on Easter (sold at Green Hills today). I still have my loyal customer base.

I will talk about some of the other market areas tomorrow. I think my "off switch" came on. I am tremendously tired. Will get Clinton ready in a.m. Shayla will do the market and I will make yoghurt. Funny thing is that I am borrowing a bread proofer that another local dairy who is not in business used to make sheep yoghurt.

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