Saturday, February 25, 2006

sea salt

I got this sea salt from my distributor. It has a lot of sediment. I made brine with it. Didn't think much more than to skim the scum off the top. I brine all of this months cheeses in it. I have this feeling though. I just don't like it. I'm going to make a cheddar next week and dry salt it. I have this cleaner sea salt that I proceeded to crack open the bag of that is in better shape. I saved enough to make a few batches. I'm going to see if I can send in a sample to AgriMark central lab to see what is in the brine before I use it again.

I learned more about sea salt. Boy, it is like cheese. It is so different. The mineralization, coarseness, purity... It is pretty neet stuff. I just have to remember that not all sea salt is the same.

I did just order kosher salt just in case. I'll dry salt with the other stuff until I see that the brine passes muster. After I send in the sample, I'll boil the brine. The cheeses are fine. I do have some over 2 weeks and no blowing. They are fine in fact. I just beeswaxed them yesterday. When I c&w, I'll send a sample into the lab to check. Our inspector does the same for our raw milk. I send a sample into a lab when they do just for insurance.

I just have this obsessive tendance towards cleanliness. Well of the product I'm selling anyways.

I have a grant for a HACCP plan. Now that taxes are done, I plan to look into that more.

It's cold and late. Time for bed.

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