Wednesday, February 08, 2006

More snow and brine

I have to get thos lugs that I keep promissing myself for brine. This putting bring in 5 gal. buckets thing is absurd and takes up a lot of space. Great for storing brine I'm not using, but not so good for brining as there are only so many cheeses I can fit per pail. Don't want to stack the cheese in the brine. Don't get proper salt penetration. I already threw one cheese out that didn't get turned enough. Tried dry salting every day for a week and then every other day for another week, but threw out after battling mucor a month later. A 12# wheel! That was plain careless and will NOT happen again.

Dave is getting me a proper stir rod for Velentine's Day. Shiney and useful. The later suites Dave and the former satisfies some odd need for something shiney for me. Not going to get bling from him in my lifetime, so may as well settle for stainless steel! It'll save on my back as well, so I will be happy. I just hope he puts a pink bow on it or something ;~>

I have to order the Enlgish cheese book that I had before for that old Lancashire recipe I took notes on. When we get to 2X week processing in March, I'm going to work on perfecting my English cheeses. I'll start with a Caerfili, go to Cheddar and after I like what I'm making, go for the Lancashire in the summer. I have a number of 40# molds. May as well use them right? I think the 20# molds will suite a cheddar and I'll use the Tomme molds for the Cearfili.

I also like to make Cacciocavallo. So many cheeses.... I do have to do 2 makes of that for opening day of markets.

Claire and I have to make beds and vacuum the 2nd floor before going to the library.

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