Thursday, February 16, 2006

Piles of Energy

Well, that is what the horoscope said. Boy were they off. Damn Olympics. Finally have something to watch on t.v. and Dave and I stay up to 11pm watching EVERYTHING. We're moving into the curves and laughing at the commentators. I am so flat out tired watching this...

Add that to being injured pretty bad while milking Bruce's cows. My back hurts so much that I get this violent stomach ache when I turn wrong or sit in there horrid kitchen chairs for long. I made a 30# wheel of Gouda yesterday and thought I'd die putting it into the brine.


I also had a buck goat help me rip the entire skin layer off a knuckly of my baby finger. Had to wear gloves through making cheese and tonight milking. A hay cut and some random paper like cut add to the injuries.

Suppose to go back to MA this weekend. Not gonna happen. Too much wind and then snow. I dunno. I may meet Marcia in Duanesburg (and Ken who has to drive). I don't want to go anywhere. Well, I do want to say hi to George and see if I could visit a professor I worksed for Dr Smyth. He is in a nursing home. I liked him and appreciated his passion. He did genetic work on poultry. Developed the Midget White turkey in fact. Neet guy. Chris is still at UMASS. I bet he doesn't remember me from anyone. I did want to look him up and visit the library with a copy card worth about $100 and two ring binder notebooks... Someone has to collect info on these rare breeds...

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