Sunday, February 05, 2006

It's awful grey

The day that is. My mood too. It was windy last night and I don't sleep well with the wind blowing. Claire woke up early. She brought her pillow into the bedroom. That wasn't bad, only her knocking everything off the side table wasn't a great way to start the day. I later burned myself while sitting in the rocking chair next to the woodstove. It wasn't the woodstove that burned me, it was the tea.

I will be looking through my cultures in the freezer. I have to use up all of the funny stuff I bought for the workshops and for earlier experiments before they go off. Funny stuff only refers to cultures that aren't 400.1 or Aroma B lately. EZAL also switched to Danisko or something and I have to adjust all of my recipes to account for this change. I need to borrow a gram scale and weigh out stuff and get a plan of action for spring make season.

Tuesday and Wedneday look like my make days this week. I may go with Tim to see a dairy in the north country. He is keen on goats. $100 for registered does and he wants to wait! Oof. I'd be interested in starting some if my cash flow warranted.

I'll be writting letters to all customers this week. Right after I finnish getting tax information ready. I also have to ring accountant and get appointment.

A VT ayrshire had a kerry/ayrshire bull calf last night. I felt bad for Claire because she waited patiently all morning to watch and the cow had it after she came in for the night. My white Ayrshire is next. It should be another kerry cross and I hope it is a heifer.

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