Tuesday, February 07, 2006

More snow and Gouda

Made a batch of Gouda. Dave had two Ayrshire 2nd claf heifers calve last week. Their milk looks good and is in the tank. I made a batch of Gouda. Looked like 42 gal. Made 5 wheels of cheese. Lost some curd due to stupidity during draining whey, but it wasn't half a baby Gouda. It will sit on the press until 3pm and I'll turn one more time to right pH. I tend to brine right off and rest after. These will be clear waxed.

More lake effect snow. About 6" fell overnight. Seemed to warm a bit, and the snow is blowing around mroe than falling now. Tom is trying to dig out. Bad timing. Trying to get Claire to take a nap while his Belarus wails up the driveway. Dave dug us out right after milking. Milk truck came for the last 3 milkings (I took 4th).

Breeder came and bred Clara. Used the Russell Basil semen from Plimoth Plantation. She is on the fat side and I think I finally have Dave convinsed to lay off the silage. At least for the Kerry group. Moose looks like she took and possibly Eva. Siobhan is still to breed, only she seems to come into heat when relief breeder is on. Mmm.

Time for another cuppa. Dave just said the water is on and I can just start to feel the wood heat coming up the stairs to the landing (computer area). Looks like a good time to sit in my rocking chair in front of the stove reading another recipe chapter I found (Stocking Up book from Rodale Press. Good cheese chapters).

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