Monday, February 13, 2006

Kraft as sneaky as Phillip Morris?? NO!?!?!

Kraft and Philip Morris Scientists Caught Comparing Notes
In a follow-up report to an extensive three-part series on Kraft and obesity, the Chicago Tribune (Kraft is headquartered in Illinois) published an article entitled: “Where there's smoke, there might be food research, too: Documents indicate Kraft, Philip Morris shared expertise on how the brain processes tastes, smells.” Many people don’t realize that the company responsible for Oreos, Cheese Whiz, and Oscar Meyer wieners is owned by the same parent company (Altria) of the makers of Marlboro and Virginia Slims. The Tribune has dug into documents spanning the mid-1980s though 2001, made available through tobacco litigation against Philip Morris.
The documents reveal that Kraft and Philip Morris discussed investing jointly in brain scans to study how the brain processes tastes and smells. For example, a 1997 planning memo proposed investing in "neuroimaging," or brain scans, and research on sensory neuroreceptors, which are sites on brain cells that process smells and tastes. Also, a 1998 memo suggested that Kraft and Philip Morris collaborate on foods and drinks "engineered to influence" a customer's mood or sense of fullness. The paper said that because Philip Morris has released few documents since 2001, it’s difficult to determine if the cigarette maker and Kraft have collaborated in recent years.
Source: Chicago Tribune, 01/29/06 (with links to documents),1,3082179.story?coll=chi-business-hed


I get this kind of information from COMFOOD-L. In particular the Informed Eating newsletter. I like getting it. I also get newsletters from:
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I'll try to remember all of the other sites/groups I read. But this is a start.

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