Monday, February 06, 2006

January thaw, February Freeze

Well, so the old adage holds. Lake effect off Lake Eirie today with little snow. Tomorrow there will be more. a foot or better according to Dave. It is finally cold. Bruces barn wasn't so warm and two sweatshirts was adaquate. Better than milking in a tee-shirt in February. THat wasn't right.

The kerry/aryshire bull is not a good drinker. Tongue off the side of his mouth. Kicking with front feet. Needed two of us to feed him. You get that sometimes. They on occassion cannot drink off the mother too. This one stayed with mommy too long and refused to drink off a bottle. Depending on the cow, we try to keep calves on cow at least all night or if outside during the day until the next milking. Seems both do better.

The cattle dealer picks up both bulls this morning. Claire finally understands that it is a fact of life that "girl calves" stay and "boy calves" go to the cattle dealer. She cried when the twin bull went. We haven't had to explain the part about what happens to the bull when it goes and what will happen to the free-martin heifer that stayed. When she asks, we'll tell her though.

Taxes to work on today. Revise Tim's plan and send out the letter and invoice to the Guild. I also have to email Mark to see if the Guild sent him anything to close the grant out. Silly people. I don't know why they have to get so greedy. I was the one being nice about things. They got ugly for no reason at all. A mentor of mine once said that people who do mean things have it come around. If they do it often, it comes quicker. Considering the history of the group...

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