Saturday, July 01, 2006

Typical Saturday Morning

I am exhausted. I didn't think the day would go well when I got up, but it was pleasant none the less.

I got the cheeses to the market just in time. Green RTabbit was later than me for a change. The Rivington's were just finishing their set-up. I hung the sign up and pulled out the Honey Gouda and weighed it. Nice wheel. Holes well developed and spread out. Pleasant taste. A little sharper than other batches. I think that was when the weather was starting to warm and I had to get into cooler after waxing rather than wait on the racks in the cut & wrap room (which is a nice 48-54 degrees in the winter).

The Caerfilli experiment went over pretty well. Actually better than I thought. I will make more Cheddar style cheeses for this market area. The Caerfilli tastes like the Gouda in the first and finishes with a cheddar. Pleasant cheese. One fellow bought a pound of the Gouda for him and another of the Caerfilli for his daughter. Apparently it makes a mean melt over sausage grinders (4th of July food I understood it to be). Fair enough, Renate and I had the Honey Gouda in grilled cheeses the other day.

Renate came by around 9:45 to check in. After shopping the market we left to pick up Peter sheep. What a carcass. He finished 84#. Beautiful leg roasts. Nice colour. Large well defined loins. Nice amount of meat for center cut ribs. To say the least butchering with another woman is a great way to release a certain amount of pent up weekly umpf. Even Dave and Nolan figured that it was best to leave the two women with cleavers, a saw and various sharp knives alone with the carcass on teh kitchen table! If only it was late enough for wine, we could have solved all of the worlds problems.

I have to say I am happy with the quality of the meat. Very happy. He wasn't muttony even after more than 1 1/2 years. She will get me some Dutch sausages and pickled garlic scapes for the meat. I was glad to give him to her after helping me out with the Gouda processes this spring.

After the butchering bit, I went back to the Farmer's Market to help the Rivington's pack up and to see if Nina Plank came by to review the market before the book signing. I guess not. So much for rumors and supporting local agriculture. Fair enough.

Talked to my mum when I got back. Claire wasn't at Grammy and Grampies to talk on the phone. I guess she was micro-managing the Beagle this morning. All was well there. Up at 5:30 am with the dog and ready to tackle the day. Mum and I had a good chat. I think she needed it as much as me. We have plans to get together on the 5th. She does have the books I requested. Good soul. Went to the Agriculture floor of the UMASS library to get the Kerry/Dexter herd book and a journal.

To Claire's room to make sense of the mess while she is visiting ;~>

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