Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I feel like there is noting right on this farm for a goat. Dave hates them. They have tragic endings. Kiwi was found in the water trough. A full grown doe. She had Karo this spring. A sweet little Arapawa doe. I screamed when I saw her. No one came. A house full of people and no-one could hear me. Dave yelled at me later. That isn't new.

He has the irritable bowl thing again. He has had it for days. He is miserable to live with. I contemplate how to dissolve assets and keep the cheese vat on days like (well the whole weekend). He should be coming in from mowing hay. 5 days of scours and he does all of the days chores and then mows hay...

I miss Kiwi, Galedog, Hercules, Begonia and all of the others I've lost since moving to Central New York.

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