Monday, July 10, 2006

Good Night Sleepy Head

I only wish it were so easy. Remember those nights as a little child? Friends or relatives over for sleep over? Well, that means they go to sleep late and get up early. Combine that with insomnia and dairy chores.... I'm bushed.

Dave is trying to get dry bales into barn before the thunder storm. Renate and I tried to make Camembert ourselves. That was interesting. I learned something about curds sneeking under hoops. I learned to appreciate multi-molds BIG TIME.

I also think we are going to go with Donna's recipe instead of Pete's for this facility and the rustic nature of the hooping here. I didn't like the curd on the first turn. Too soft. We shall see in the morning. I hope this puppy works.

Hannah learned that she likes fish with Ketsup. Renate brought the Pickle in the Middle (garlic scapes with cucumber in middle) ~I loved the garlic scapes in my ham and gouda sandwich. This is for my Turkey Day celebration this fall.

Claire had un-binkie party yesterday. It involved cake and all of the used candles in the cupboard. She and I like most any excuse for a cake with frosting. Kinda like ice cream. Why go for the boring plain old ice cream when you can have fudge, whipped cream, jimmies and caramel sauce on the ice cream... BIG TIME yum.

Inspectors want me to keep Rivington's cheese here the 60 days. Not so cool for him. I don't have aging capacity or time to screw with his cheese. Buggers left 3 1/2 hours of cleaning for me. Not so good. I am not so sure about all of this right now. I need to be making cheese in the plant.

It is time to cash flow this puppy. I cannot afford to keep this whole thing if it is not paying for itself and me at this time. Really, it is up to me now. I am selling cheese like heck without marketing a darn and now I just need to kick it up a notch. Bugger everyone else if they aren't willing to take the investment themselves. Renate is the only one who is willing to spend time mucking around other peoples hoops and drain tables. The rest are worth nada in my plant right now.

Tylenol PM and maybe a glass of wine... Well probably a cup of tea and the PM stuff. I need the sleep SOOOOOOOOOO bad.

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