Thursday, July 06, 2006

Glad to See You Glad to See You Go

That is a saying my Irish American grandmother use to have. I always thought that was typically her. Kinda rude, with that charming bite me smile and wave. You know, I understand it more and more as I get older. For usm we were glad to get off the farm, yet we always had this thing in the back of our mind that there is generally something special waiting for us when we get home.

The 4th was the typical family noshing fest. You know where there are people you actually want to see and talk to. People who dispise the ground you walk on (those are the ones you are especially nice to because they hate it more). People who you don't have much in common with. People who have to have a comment about everything and anything you are doing...

Dave was not into the whole sit on a blanket and wait for fireworks thing with my sister's family and my mom. Combine that with the now typical Massachusetts traffic and he was a bit hard to deal with.

I don't sleep. I haven't slept in days. We slept, not at a hotel like I thought we were going to do, but in Donney's bedroom in Dave's parents basement. A damp cot and single bed aren't overly romantic. I didn't sleep much.

Mom got me the Kerry and Dexter books out of the library that I wanted. Awsome resources. I have the Journals being scanned as we speak. The Dexter Association is cool with the copying it thing. I talked to a Chuck and a Sandy from their assocaition. Both very nice people and were trying to get me contacts to find out what happened to the genetic lines of Kerry's that were here pre 1920's.

Didn't get the cheese thing together enough to bring some with me to MA. Lisa did get some to Syracuse. That was awsome.

I have to try to sleep. I cannot keep eyes open. Sondra had to be shipped via Scooby Doo and Moonbeam was not in a good way. Will explain next blog.

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