Friday, July 07, 2006

Getting Caught Up

Ken got my laundry line up again. Paul Wratten ripped it out a year ago when he was working on water system in the pole shed. I've had many a load out on it already. Nothing is nicer than the fresh smell of laundry off the line.

Weeded half of the vegetable garden and picked peas. Some had to be tossed to the sheep. They also appreciated the weeds. Pig weed, thistle and some other mustard like thing for the most part. Have to replant some of it. Rain and cold spring didn't help my germination (that and some seed are over a year old). Cucumber, beans and lettuce will be the primary replacements.

So, Moonbeam wasn't in a good way. That was a flippant way to say it. I was so ill when we found her. Every time Nolan minds the animals a goat dissapears or dies. I don't know if it is because he is so careless that he doesn't pay attention or if it is fate. The goat was known for surfing and I've found her time and again down a hole after escaping and slipping between round bales. Heck, I've moved two layers of round bales (no easy feat for a woman without a tractor). She apparently tried to jump the knew panel wall to the hay shed part of the pole barn and got her back feet horribly stuck. It was clear that she struggled to get free. How Nolan didn't hear a goat screaming (which is what the poor thing would have done) is beyond me. I don't know. We were in MA. I'm still not over that one.

Valarie's cow calved. A jersey cross heifer. She is so new to bovines that this was a shocking experience. Thank God for Eve Ann who helped her after the calf was born. Se and some paste that Chris DVM had. The animals are fine and I think that Valarie will be as well. She just needs to find out how to arrange something to milk her. That or find a bull calf to graft on. A Pakistani down the road offered $5/gal. I also suggested I'd show her how to make yoghurt or Quark to use up the milk (she doesn't drink much milk).

Brian Rivington made cheese today. I left him alone for the most part. 50 gal. of this soft ripened stuff. This is their last weekend at the Farmer's Market. It is mine for a few weeks. I have to review inventory. I may also sneak up to Clinton and see if Ferris can get me in for a few weeks. See if Adirondak Cheese has a fit or not. They just sold, so they may not even notice.

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