Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hannah vs. Gary

My neice is up. Hannah is my sister's oldest daughter. She is a year older than Claire. She hated cats when she got here. Gary is now afraid of her. Hannah now want to be the best of friends with the cat. I think the relationship will be similar to Ginger's relationship with Gary. Not so good...

Renate ordered legal scale in lieu of paying to help develop Camembert. The taste of the experiment was very nice. The texture more like the Colwick, but also another cheese. We have to do something about the hoops jumping up on us. That and cook the curds a wee bit more. I think we are heading in the right direction. She tries crottins with the cows milk (so fuzzy quark...)

I was suppose to ring Brewster Inn on Monday and forgot. Didn't sleep and the kids not getting on combined with cheesemaking. I'll have to give Jason a ring next Monday to see what he is up to. I also want to see how Alison is doing. I hope Circa is doing well. They are such nice people. Made a special order from Syracuse Real Food. I have to check with Travis to see if the bride liked it.

I guess American Farm was not about farming or the status of farming in the US today. It was something more along the lines of the break down of a farm family. I am sad I missed the even - if only to support Slow Foods - but not so sad if the story line isn't what I thought it would be. I have to make a tv series. I want to be a rock star!

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