Friday, May 12, 2006

Puppy, Surgery and Death by Snots

Candice had baby on Monday. Boy. Silas Neil Bemont. A poop shy of 8# according to the happy grandmother (Lisa). We have the Beagle, Bagel, Ginger, Beagle Head, Puppy, Devil Dog... Poor thing isn't lacking for names. Beagles are odd creatures. It owns our dogs right now. Clarie adores it. It will either go back in two weeks or maybe Dana's daughter's boyfirend...

Dave had surgery last Friday (week from today). Went well. He had crazy black and blue marks and some swelling. He wants to milk tomorrow. It has been hard to get him to stop pushing himself. Better not hurt himself...

We have Death By Snots. Sawter at Dependa Bull had it for 6 weeks. Oof. Guess it can turn into walking pneumonia or bronchitis in some. Had the perifery stars and 2-3 second blackness in eyes this morning. No sleep for 2 weeks kinda contributes to some of it. Tylenol PM sucks. Takes 2 hours to set in and then I cannot get up to milk in a decent time frame. Move awful slowly while doing chores. Boy do I hate colds.

Marcia and Kenny go home tomorrow. They were kind enough to help out this week. Claire loved it. Dave and i both appreciated it VERY much. Took them out to breakfast. Quack's doesn't have good food anymore. Odd watching someone come out of the kitchen to sit at table like a customer and then serve themselves like it was their house. Very uncomfortable.

Cannot stop coughing. Have to run.

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