Monday, May 22, 2006


I think that is a good title for anyone. I still have this cold. Finally went to new Dr. Actually NP, but she is better than the DO... She thinks I have crazy allergies. I think she is right. Chickens on porch. Dogs on porch. Cat downstairs. You'd begin to wonder if there were any animals in the barn. Actually the chickens are chicks.

The birds are "Earley's Specials" we get from the grain store at the bottom of the hill. Claire adores them. Especially when my dogs doesn't take the head off of any. Yup, border collie killed daughters pet chicken in front of her. Dave was furious. Dog wasn't suppose to be in room. Dave not in touch with border collie's need to hunt. He lets dog in unsupervised. Chicken stupid enough to keep putting head through grate in dog box. Dog kills chicken. Apparently it was my fault, but I was at a Slow Foods even in Cazenovia trying to talk about my cheese, NY cheese and NY wine with all of our cheeses. Weather warms at end of week. Chickens in purpose built building at weekends end. I am really not into poutlry in the house. I don't care how small.

Mandy sent a lovely package of stuff from Mrs. Ronks place. Smalls that weren;t of any value to resell, but she knew I'd appreciate them. Mandy is a special person. I like her whit and humour. She is like my husband, prefers the people of his past and preserving anything from the past. I have to write a book about his Mountain Street Memories. I know these people so well and I've never met them. I also like Mandy's Puppy Horse and her Durham cows.

Bronchitis again. I am exhausted. I think I said that before.

Looks like Adirondak cheese was purchased by Foodies. I've been refered to them by an Ag & Markets inspector. Sounds good.

Got Evan's cheddar and Monterey Jack. OK. Technically good. Not a $16/# cheese though. Comperable to Organic Valley's stuff. I made some of it into grilled cheeses. Syracuse Real Food bought me out of inventory. We never made it to the Syracuse Wine and Cheese event. I couldn't do it alone and everyone backed out. I'd have looked like an idiot. Besides, I didn't have the oil in cryovac and would have had to wax every piece. Oooooof. I think they guy was pissed, but what can I do if all of the help back out. The price of gas and our collective milk checks could not pay for me to go. I could not help it. Did ok at Farmer's Market. I just have to sell it myself and not split profits with Rivington.

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