Sunday, May 21, 2006

Slow Food Farmers Markets Rain Milk Check

I have to bring cheese to the Slow Foods wine and cheese deal at Circa. I have Rivington's as well. People went googoo over his blue at the Farmer's Market. My gouda went over well too. I have to get may act together and get set up at the market myself. I need to make more than $60+/market day. I'll have other cheeses ready soon, not just Gouda.

Rain makes Dave ugly. Well, more than one day of rain. I can only say that I am glad we weren't in Massachusetts. They had floods. I like floods. I like them on someone elses property.

Well, it finally happened. Milk was <$12/hwt. Our cows were transitioning to grass so the components took a dip for a wee bit. Should have been over $2000 check. Was $1200 give or take $50. Enough to pay insurance and a couple of small bills. Not grocerys, heating oil, grain or anything else. He is selling a cow and her weaned heifer calf to make up for the lack of revenue. Monsanto put rBST on market again and poof, milk price goes down again. I don't understand why consumers allow a major chemical company have so much control of the food system. Ramember those lovely chemicals they told us were safe in the 40's and 50's? Man, Phillip Morris and Monsanto have no place being in our food system. I don't get why consumers allow such control to be in their hands.

Claire is with Dave at his relatives place on the other side of the windmills. He is suppose to be getting a book about the silo unloader. I think the real plan was to dissapear for a little while. I told him my goals for the day. It included things to make my money for the month to pay my bills, not work for free for him, so this is his way to pout. Kinda like I said to Nancy last night, a mans idea of babysitting is to have the child in his presence while he does his own thing. I had him take Claire while I get invoices ready to send Monday and make the "semi-daily ponderings of a Central new York farm wife." He has been gone an hour and some. I think I can play for a couple of minutes too.

Off to the shower. The dishwasher just finished.

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