Tuesday, May 16, 2006

workshops aging kerrys and surgery

Donna Doel is coming to do a workshop June 9-10th. Bloomy Rind cheeses. I'm looking forward to it. She deserves a cheese holiday and I'd like to continue with the cheese making workshops.

Fisher Farms looked at our cooler. Looks like he fixed the two leaks that Harry missed. Poor fellow. He is getting on, but the bills to keep filling gas and fix leak were getting on too. We shall see. Will check the temp in am. If a go, I'll be transfering cheeses tomorrow afternoon.

Kerry cows are at Whitman's. His daughter renames all of our cows. At first I was annoyed, but then remembered that we renamed Bagel Beagle into Ginger, so who am I to talk? Cows are relaxed. I hope Fritz does his job. He will be opening the gate to the big pasture tomorrow.

Dave's stomach is a wee swelled a week later. We are hoping it is an infection, not another tear. Odd to wish for an infection. Maybe it is just irritation or common swelling?? I hope it is nothing. He wants to be in the barn milking. Cannot entertain him otherwise. Sleep, eat, auctions and milking cows. That is a dairy farmer's life. (ok add manure spreading and the like to that list).

I still have death by snots. Cannot get Dr. appointment until Monday (next week). Figured I'd be cured of sickness or walking pneumonia. Need to wear mask for cheesemaking this week, if I make it at all. Don't like to drip into vats. Not too hygenic.

Mailed the hoops to Art. BIG PACKAGES. Got it to him for less than UPS, so happy about that.

Claire got baby chicks yesterday. Two of them in a dog box in the kitchen make for a lot of noise. Cat TV we have decided. I am actually not sure who is more entertained Claire, Gary (cat) or the Beagle.

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