Saturday, April 22, 2006

Two little pigs and a sore knee

Claire named the pigs "Sun" and "Moon". Everything is stellar to her. Most every name invloves sun, moon or star. Ok. Dave named some of this years heifers "Lake Effect", "Spot", and "Whimpy III". My Pomegrant goat became Karo after Dave fed him Karo syrup, injected him with Se and Pen G to save him.

We also have a "Ringer". She was technically named that after it took 24 bags of Lactated Ringers to keep her going after she had this persistent scours that was going through barns in the area a couple of falls ago. Most people let the calves die. We put her on an IV, charcoal boluses and electrolytes with her milk. She lived and is due to calve this year.

Lisa and John stopped in after dropping a gas tank off at Metals N Trucks. Doug was going to try to fix it for them. They kinda got a little lost coming back and found themselves above our farm. They stopped in for my roguey coffee and a short conversation. While going out to the barn to see the baby pigs, I slipped on the wheelchair ramp (for Marcia) and twisted my left knee. It is swelling behind the knee. I elevated it and then took some asprine. I think it becomes stiffer as I sit around. (like now). I have to beeswax some cheese and put dairy dishes away. We'll see.

I was suppose to shear the sheep this weekend. They are awful wet. The knee gives me enough excuse not to do it, but I's like the Green Rabbit ones to go down the lane and Gary Champine is busy I guess - he isn't calling back too fast. I know he had a hard time of it at Lisa's, but for a handful of sheep he is ok. It is the 50+ sheeps flocks that he is too old for.

Well, off to the Fedco catalogue. Have to look into apple, pear and raspberry bushes for this year.

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