Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Long Drives

Well, Lisa and I went down to L's to get the packaging, books and labels. Books weren't there. No one was around. Didn't think I'd find anyone. I don't like going into places when I don't see anyone around. Guess I have to email an invoice to J.

I decided that if I wanted things done correctly, I'd have to do them myself. I don't mind helping people out, but I don't like being taken advantage of. I paid for the crap cheese and the decent quark, but everything else in that whole package deal wasn't right. Too many underlying agenda's for my taste. That and no one had the balls to say it how it is. Even me...

Why does age make people woosies? I don't think it is a true spinal fracture, but why DID I tell J my deal with the beeswax? I don't care for being bullied after I bend over backwards for people. I am too tired and have now decided that organizaed associations and groups are not in my best interest.

I had this need to take Lisa for a drive. The poor soul. He father isn't well, her daughter isn't is a good way and there are so many changes that I don't know how she can awake every day and face all of it! I offered help to vaccinate the sheep and trim hooves if they needed it.

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