Thursday, January 05, 2006

bikes in barn

When we have to get chores done early, we bring Claire to the barn and all try to work together. Claire has a special potty, a tricycle and a couple of all plastic dolls in a purple pail. She alternates between taking hay from the bigger heifers to give to claves and sheep and taking handfulls of grain and giving to special cows in the barn. Brindle heifer and her Rose coloured heifer primarily, but others get special attention from her as well.

For the most part, Claire has never been able to figure out how to pedal a bike. She has been able to move it along by walking it (while sitting). Last night we actually pedaled the bike! She cannot take corners yet. Something about the sharpness of the angle and a narrow front end. She didn't land in the gutters, but she did take one header and sat there trying to decide if crying would be worth it. Instead she righted the bike and took another spin.

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