Thursday, January 19, 2006

Cheesemaking Supplies

Well, I have to order my own curd harps. I've been using the ones from the College all winter. With the changes over there, I've decided that I should have my own set. $660 for a set apparently. Oof.

I got a pH meter for Christmas. I want a TA set as well. I think is a great thing to use both in the beginning of this whole deal. The TA set is cheaper.

Elmond has my brick molds in exchange for his Tomme molds for a bit. I'll have to get the ones Margaret has on hand pretty quick here.

Need more labels and some vacuum pump oil from Bush pumps. Cryovac ran out of oil.

Need to get on the list for the Hamilton Farmers Market and the Cazenovia Farmers Market this year. Darn it, I have a great product and I need to focus on education and marketing to make them worth while. If Green Rabbit can clear $40,000 at Hamilton with their stuff, so can I! It just means more tents, better tables, a sign and the like...

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