Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I'm on fire

That should mean that I've accomplished a lot today, but in fact, it meant that I accidently caught myself on fire. I was just finnished hooking up the dishwasher and started to look at the piles of paper that accumulated on top of that dishwasher. That in itself wouldn't cause a fire. The left front lid on the stove that was on to boile water for cous cous was the cause. My favorite green sweater with the paint stains and holes ignited on my back.

Claire was in the bath tub. She was playing with the plastic sheep and Polly Pocket dolls. I'm trying to figure out how to get the fire out without alarming her, catching my house or myself on fire and without getting caught in my sweather without being able to get out of it.

The later I found is a new fear of mine.

Instead of doing the drop and roll (my house is old, It'll catch on fire I tell my self) or running and jumping into a snow bank outside (you only think about after), I try first putting it out with the sink spray attachment (cannot get lower back). I think of shower, Claire in there. Take sweater off. It hits floor (there goes my house is too old for drop and roll theory). I pick it up by arm (sweater is in serious flames). With Joey rumbling in his crate (he just came in from mud) I run for door and throw into snow bank (I should have been in). Claire is asking in teh backround - why are you on fire Mommy?? So much for not alarming her...

My back isn't blistered. It is a little red and my shoulders of all things are crazy sore. I'm not sure if that is because of the Surge automatic take off arm weights that I use at Bruce's to milk his cows or because I either slept on my sides too much or maybe because I took that sweater off too fast...

Ooof, what a way to end a day.

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