Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Spending Money

Well, the rapairs to the boiler system are paid, now I can pay the rest of the initial system...and someone wanted to know who should work on designing and installing theirs... Let me just say, I don't think many are able to understand creamery needs. You need to understand creamery needs and then educate the handiest boiler guy near you. That our you will get hosed. Even the ones who say they know what they are doing are sketchy. Get the flow diagrams from the vat designer and builder and understand how A LOT of different people are installing their systems. Be SIMPLE. The more bells and whistles, the more toasted you will become when bad things happen.

The best farm refrigeration and 'bout any farm broken thing guy is Dick Barnes. He has a permanent parking spot here. Spending lots on him lately. Next is the small finish cooler (the one that melted the holiday cheeses last year). I will then take the florist cooler out and give it to Tim (Poplar Hedge) for aging his goat cheeses. This will also make the farmstand cooler which will keep my cave at a more sustainable (aka not toasting my newly installed compressor etc) system.

Press today and some more ad spots will let more people know about us. We should be in enough places now.

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