Tuesday, June 03, 2008

New Accounts

We are seasonal dairy farmers and cheese makers. Until we develop enough of a cave inventory, we are stuck with the need to wait until much of our herd has freshened and cheeses are aged. Often this means that money only comes the second half of the year. It is getting better, but sometimes it gets rough. That is why I do educational programs and consulting. Kinda makes the bridge between marketing seasons.

I am hoping that I can eliminate much of that extra non-farm producing income in 2009. I love watching others grow into cheese making, but I also want our business to become what it can be. The goal is to be at 10,000# cheese in 2010.

Every May/June begins the sales calls season. I start to ring old accounts and tell them of my availability of product. With last years umpfs (basically health problems in family since 2006) I am very grateful when I get orders. We make an excellent product, so it does sell itself to a great extent, but I do have to work hard to get a couple accounts back. My fault and I will remedy this shortly.

For the last few years, I have had a 95% reorder every year. This is pretty darn good. Two accounts on my website are not doing cheese this year, Cheese Shop at Wine Sense and Comistibles. I picked up four new accounts so far, so that is good. We have also tried a new approach towards Hamilton hoping that those people would come to the farm. A few things have made for creative challenges that I will have to overcome. I like a challenge.

So far, we will have product:

  • At the Farm Store on Center Road in Madison (look for sign)

  • Tom's Natural Foods in Clinton

  • Peter's Cornucopia in New Hartford

  • Deansboro Superette in Deansboro

  • Syracuse Real Food in Syracuse

  • Green Hills in Syracuse

  • Circa in Cazenovia

  • Clinton Farmer's Market in Clinton

After I come back from MA to get Erin and family to airport I will be working on following through on other accounts. If any ideas come to mind, I'd like a shout.

Looks good. Now I have to make a decision on an intern by tomorrow.

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