Friday, June 27, 2008

Getting To Big To Fast?

Are there suppose to be two "oo's" in "to" up above? My grammer is slipping as fast as my ability to spell. Can this be lack of sleep?

Yes. I made yoghurt until 1:20 a.m. the other day and until a customer rang, did not even know that some did not set well! The Labneh curd set, assume the rest did and put in cooler. One cooler did have ice blocks in it before so the temp must have dropped too fast. Crud. Tasted good, I just drank some being a cheap yankee, but I am trying to present our business as better quality than the other guy.

I think I expanded too fast and if it had not been for Shayla, I would be in bigger doodoo than I am now. I was smart enough to say, easy now for people interested in becomming new accounts. I need to keep up with who I am selling to now before I expand.

I am also selling aged wheels faster than I am making them. Took a forced day off today to remember who Dave and Claire were. Not bad people. Glad I live with them... Got energy efficient bulbs to replace the rest of the conventional ones. Bought groceries. Cleaned floor in house. Got shelving to replace reach in cooler I needed to fix (and used as a shelving unit).

All in all, we will be fine. I just need to make sure that I hunt down any other plain yoghurts that were cultured milk and replace. That and give extra cheese. I want them happy. I love my products and am frustrated that I sold an inferior product. Will always make right, but...

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